School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

The mission of the Harlandale ISD School Health Advisory Council is to facilitate opportunities for our students, parent, staff, and community, through effective communication and education.  The SHAC shall raisethe awareness and increase participation of positive health practicesand activities, thus promoting "Healthy Lifestyles".

Chair: Anna Sifuentes

Co-chair: Dorothea Armstrong

Secretary: Crystal Galan


A special thank you to the following schools for their prompt response as to who their H-SHAC parent is:


Bellaire- Michelle Dewitt

Carroll Bell-Patti Juarez

Collier- Patricia Villegas

HMS- Richard De La Rosa

KMS- Gloria Larios

Schulze- Jessica Guerra

Columbia Heights- Guadalupe Ramos

Vestal-Alexandria Aguirre

McCollum- Maria Nieto

Morrill- Jessica Pacheco

FTA- Sonia Picazo

Gilbert- Elda Gonzalez 

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